Requirements for travel to Bolivia as a Tourist

Must that take into account a series of requirements to travel to Bolivia as a tourist, which will depend on the country of origin. What documents do you need? How long can you stay in the country? Please review the requirements below!

What documents are required to travel to Bolivia?

The requirements for travel to Bolivia as a tourist, are quite similar to other South American countries, usually being an entry without difficulties. The documents required are:

1. ID: Identification Card:

Citizens of Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay), may present as identification document and identity document as a passport. While citizens of other nationalities, be able to enter Bolivia exclusively with Passport.

2.Tourist Visa: Only required according to nationality

Only citizens from some countries require to obtain tourist visa to enter Bolivia.

Among countries that must not deal with tourist visa, are which are part of the European Union, the countries of Mercosur and Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Philippines, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Turkey and Vatican.

3. Other documentation:

For all citizens of countries which are not part of the Andean countries and the Mercosur and associated States, also ordered roundtrip tickets or travel itinerary.

How long can you stay as a tourist?

If you belong to the countries of the Andean Community of Nations, can remain in Bolivia 90 days, which are extendable automatically only once for the same period.

If it belongs to the part and partners of the MERCOSUR countries, you can stay in Bolivia for a period of 90 days without the possibility of extension.

The rest of the countries, may remain a maximum of 30 days extendable up to two times per year, and must perform the procedure for extension of Tourist Visa.

Customs and Health Formalities:

Required at the time of entering Bolivia is delivered a form known as a sworn statement of luggage accompanied and currencies, where you must declare any items that are listed in the document.

The elements that can enter the country without having to be declared, correspond to personal items, in quantities that do not boast that they are imported or exported for commercial purposes. While new articles, for example gifts, and must be declared.

Concerning the health formalities, it is important to declare at the time of admission to Bolivia, all products of animal and vegetable origin must be carried in the baggage. Foods that do not exceed 5 kg in containers sealed without signs of disturbance, while home-made food are not permitted in general.

Travel Assistance Card:

Attendance card traveler basic requirement recommended for any eventuality of health, legal, domestic, and loss of luggage, delay or cancellation of flights. Card of travel assistance is not the same as the ¨travel insurance¨ offered by card (Visa or Mastercard). IAHS2019 Congress has exclusive agreement with TravelACE which ensures assistance card to the traveler with special rates for the Congress, by the characteristics of the event and services, valid at the option of the buyer.

Requirements for travel to Bolivia by car

If entering the country by car, in addition to the requirements for travel to Bolivia mentioned above, you should have a driver’s license, vehicle documents, form affidavit of entrance and exit of Use private vehicles for tourism and output form and temporary admission of tourist vehicles. In addition, it is advisable to have insurance against third valid in Mercosur. Once the Customs authorities have reviewed the documents submitted, the vehicle can remain in Bolivia for six months.