These are the symbols of the region, the department and the city of Cochabamba, which represent the agricultural wealth of the valley, its commerce, agriculture, the value of its inhabitants and justice, as a fundamental pillar of society.

Flag of Cochabamba

There are no historical references that explain the adoption of the celestial color as representative of the region. However, historians suggest that its meaning evokes the longing for freedom, as it is a replica of the flag carried by the patriotic forces that fought against the Spanish yoke.

Coat of Arms of Cochabamba

The shield of Cochabamba is a geometric figure divided into three quarters, in which there is a scale, which historians identify with the vocation of justice of the inhabitants of La Llajta. The spikes symbolize the richness of its natural resources. And the sword means the value of the Cochabambinos in the libertarian deeds.

Stars: They are 16 and represent the provinces that make up the department.

Sword: It symbolizes the value of the Cochabambinos. It is interwoven by two snakes that represent the libertarian struggle of the people.

Spikes: The three ears of wheat tied with a ribbon, represent their natural productivity in grains.

Balance: Express the vocation of justice of the people of Cochabamba.

Laurel and olive tree: Two large branches embrace the shield, evoking the victorious battles of the people of Cochabamba.