An agreement between Boliviana de Aviación (BOA) and the International Association for Housing Science (IAHS), determines that the airfares for the assistants to the 43rd. version of the World Congress for the Science of the House with the theme Habitat to be developed in the city of Cochabamba, have large discounts on airfares.

After the signing of the document by both institutions, February 22, 2019, was defined prices on the following routes for participants to the annual event.

Luego de la firma del documento por parte de ambas instituciones, el 22 de febrero de 2019, quedó definido los precios en las siguientes rutas para los participantes al evento anual.

744.51 EUR per passenger on the route Madrid – Cochabamba – Madrid.

549.03 USD per passenger on the route Miami – Cochabamba – Miami.

416.07 USD per passenger on the route Buenos Aires – Cochabamba – Buenos Aires.

335.17 USD per passenger on the route Sao Paulo – Cochabamba – Sao Paulo.

NOTE: The purchase of the ticket can be done when participants are registrating for the event and a booking through IAHS is requested.