January 23, 2019, International Association for Housing Science (IAHS) and the College of Architects of Bolivia (CAB) signed a cooperation agreement to promote the presence among its members of Professional 43rd. version of the World Congress of the IAHS on Habitat, taking into account the great interest of teachers and researchers of the papers to be developed in the event of October this year.

The departmental associations of architects, are part of the agreement, rates and special prices agreed with authorities of the professionals.

The day of the Bolivian architect is commemorated on November 13, according to act 1373 of the professional practice.

The CAB Is one of the most organized in Bolivia institutions and what is today the departmental Association of architects of peace, is a direct consequence of the former Association of architects, created in 1940 and the society of architects engineers created in 1948 why it is appropriate to point out that its institutional history actually begins on April 25, 1940?

On September 28, 1959 it is usually described as part of the history of the departmental entity, once the effective separation of both occurred recently in 1970.

On February 20, 1962 is given to the architect College of Bolivia legal status by Supreme Resolution No. 11260.

The departmental Association of architects of peace (CDALP) contributed significantly to obtain the enactment of Decree Law 11083 September 1973.

After over a decade of efforts, finally in 1992 is obtained the approval of the Act 1373 of the exercise professional of the architect, which definitely strengthens the rights of the professional architect legally enabled on the entire territory of the country.

A great institutional trajectory, the departmental Association of architects Bolivia and La Paz, and overcoming obstacles of different nature, but that in any case they harmed his vocation of service to the partner and its commitment to the urban development of the cities.