The IAHS (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE SCIENCE OF HOUSING) – International Association for the Habitat Science, which was founded in 1972 in the United States of America, is an International Association for profit with tasks for the dissemination of information scientific and educational in the field The science of housing, that is, life sciences and housing.

IAHS is a multidisciplinary association. The fields of interest are all different expectations. The planning, the project, the construction, the economic-financial expectation, the commercialization and the management. The main fields are mentioned.

The members of the IAHS are, in fact, active in the studies of architecture, engineering, materials science, economics, interior design, social and psychological aspects of the users, urban design, environmental planning.

The current President of the IAHS is Prof. Oktay Ural of the International University of Florida based in Miami (Florida-USA).

The IAHS has three main objectives:

Develop knowledge and promote research in the science of life and housing;

Promote and organize conferences and workshops at an international level to present new methodologies, new technologies and innovative ideas;

Connect with designers, entities and public and private entities around the world, in order to promote a discussion on the topics of research and application in the field of housing.

The IAHS is a member of the United Nations, ECOSOC (Economic and Social Organization of the United Nations) and NGO (non-governmental organization).

The official organ of IAHS is the international magazine of the Science of Housing and Application, which is a quarterly publication of high scientific level with a world level.

Since 1972, the IAHS has organized a national conference on issues of life and housing, each time based in each of the 42 different countries where IAHS is present.