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The Organizing Committee of the 43rd World Habitat Congress IAHS2019, in agreement with the authorities of the city of Cochabamba and the highest Bolivian academic authorities, after the fires that, for more than two months have been burning wide areas of the country, being the area currently affected by an area of ​​35,000,000,000 m2 (thirty-five billion square meters) and with more than 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) dead animals, many some endangered species, express its solidarity with the Bolivian people and mother earth postponing the work of Congress for the second half of the month of March 2020, the same that according to schedule were scheduled for the next 7,8,9 and October 10, 2019.

All scientific papers received to date will be entered in VOLUME 1 and published on the institutional website with the corresponding ISBN code. They will be available from the last week of October.

The Scientific Committee, in support of the affected territories, calls on all researchers, professors, students and technicians to present scientific papers on the following topics:

  1. Prevention and Reduction of Forest Fires.
  2. Climate Change and Environmntal Planning.
  3. Techniques and methodologies for the reduction of natural and anthropogenic disasters.
  4. National Regional Regulation of Civil Defense and Civil Protection.
  5. Smart City and Automation.

Those congress attendees who have made the payment and their registration record may submit new papers at no additional cost, the papers that arrive from the date of the date will be entered in the VOLUME 2.

Both VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2 will be distributed free of charge to all relevant agencies in the areas of interest.

The Scientific Committee, through its academic and scientific components, provides assistance to the City and Mayor’s Office of Cochabamba and the Plurinational State of Bolivia through possible agreements for the realization of specific projects and actions, all non-profit, maintaining and respecting the philosophy of the IAHS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR HOUSING SCIENCE.

The organizing committee assures all the congress attendees who have bought the air ticket through the agreement with BOA (Boliviana de Aviación) the recovery of the same and the emission for the new date without additional cost.


“Housing in the Third Millennium between Tradition and Innovation”
16-17-18 and March 19, 2020

Feeling at home, in all ages, has meant possessing and enjoying the internalized things we have, knowing how to move in the dark, recognizing the smells, the paths, and the color of the light that comes from the windows. The house is a set of spaces that preserve our memories and our thoughts and tell us our existence.

One way to feel at home is to visit a forest, in our relationship with the environment, enjoying a walk in the company of the noises and songs of nature: knowing how to move under the shadows of the trees, recognizing the silent presence of animals, the smells, the light that filters from the foliage changing intensity every hour. The forest, part of the environment, is made by elements that preserve the life of our planet, tells us about our past and our future. A universal good that we must learn to respect and protect.

From the houses like the huts or huts of the first civilizations to the Domus of the Roman patricians, from the religious and scientific constructions of the Mesoamerican cultures to the dwellings of the poorest classes of the towns of the medieval lords, from the palaces of the Renaissance period to today’s co-housing, the house has always represented the security, affection and freedom of men, women and their families.





Firmado el 3 de junio de 2019, el acuerdo estratégico entre el Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Cochabamba, representado por el Alcalde Iván Tellería y el Congreso IAHS 2019 representado por el Napolitano e Ischiano de adopción Prof. Ing Vincenzo Tuccillo PhD. Del Vesuvio a Los Andes, así se podría parafrasear la experiencia profesional del Prof. […]